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The AC Way

As a leader in our industry, we must define our core principles and values that will dictate how we serve our customers and build relationships with our partners. Our employees have been guided by these time-honored principles and values since  1935. They are at the core of our success and form the foundation on how we will perform our duties and serve our customers.

  • We will do what is honorable and profitable in that order.
  • We will provide a professional quality installation and service for our customers.
  • We must provide the highest level of safety to our coworkers and customers.
  • We will do what is morally and ethically the right thing to do.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for our actions.
  • We promptly respond to requests from our customers, especially during emergencies.
  • We must strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • We will focus on long term solutions instead of short-term fixes.
  • We respect our customers and we respect each other.
  • We will work together as a team to support our customers.
  • It is our responsibility as employees to mentor the next generation of employees.
  • We will continue to provide educational opportunities and advancement from within the company.

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