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AC Corporation News

AC Corp is a Crete United company. As part of this nationwide network, we join an emerging leader in energy efficiency who is focused on making the places where we work, live, and play healthier. Together, we offer customers a multi-service solution to address needs across HVAC, plumbing, electrical, network cabling, security, access control, and building automation. Trust Crete United and AC Corp to make every community better and built-environment more sustainable.

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August 2022 . AC Corporation has partnered with Crete United. "We are proud of the legacy we’ve built at AC Corp. over the Company’s nearly 90-year history and are excited about the bright future that a partnership with Crete offers to our employees as well as our customers. We believe there is an opportunity to accelerate our growth and increase the scope of services provided to our customers by leveraging Crete’s corporate support and collaborating with other Crete partners in the region.” Mike Garibay, President and Secretary of AC Corporation.

July 2020. We have recently completed our new 26,250 square foot warehouse expansion which will be utilized to support our field projects for staging material and equipment to better support our field construction projects. The additional space will allow our Project Managers and Field Foreman to better control the delivery of material and equipment to job sites for a more efficient installation.

AC Corporation has invested over $3 million dollars to expand and upgrade our capabilities at our Greensboro facility. Planned upgrades and improvements were set up into two phases. Phase one included the following: • 26,250 square foot warehouse expansion to store and stage material for field projects • Updated area to increase our medgas/oribital welding capabilities • New area to provide our service/controls department with additional space for their equipment and material • Arc Flash training area for our service technicians and electricians. • New tool storage building and entrance. • Outdoor eating area for our manufacturing shop. • Dedicated computer lab for safety training for all employees. Purchased equipment upgrades for our Greensboro manufacturing facility for phase one include: • New high definition Amada model ENSIS AJ series laser • TDF machine • Two new Accupress brakes (175 and 125 ton) • New Davi 4 roll plate roller for rolling metal up to 10 feet. • Upgraded LED lighting throughout the shop. Plans for phase 2 include a 31,000 high bay expansion for our manufacturing shop including overhead cranes for assisting with the construction of our manufactured custom air handling units, air cooled condensers, scrubbers, tanks, and other larger fabricated items.

2020- AC Corporation received a letter of congratulations for being recognized as one of Reynolds 2019 Most Valued Partners! Representing the top one percent of RJR suppliers in delivering cost and productivity savings, innovative ways of doing things, meeting changing and challenging demands, and excelling at sustainability initiatives.