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We test backflow systems daily.  When you receive a letter from the city, call us right away so we can provide a quote for testing, repairs, or replacement and get things back to flowing. 

Call (336) 271-6324 or send an email to backflow@accorporation.com.

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How often should a backflow preventer be tested?

For the protection of your drinking water supply the backflow prevention assembly should be tested at least once a year.  (annually)  

What does it mean if your backflow test fails?

On backflow assemblies there are two shut-offs that are required for testing.  Both of these valves need to close completely in order to do a test on your device.  If during the test we find that water continues to flow through these shut-offs, the test cannot be completed and it would result in a failed test.  The back flow assembly will have to be rebuilt or replaced.  

What does a backflow preventer do?

Backflow preventers are devices that are installed on your home or business water pipes that only allow water to flow in one direction. Their purpose is to prevent drinking water from being contaminated with other sources due to backflow.  

Backflow testing examines the backflow preventers to ensure they are working properly.  You should test backflow preventers regularly so people can rest assured that they will work in case of an emergency. Each backflow preventer should have specific dates marked on them, indicating when they need to be properly tested .  

We are certified for testing and repairs in the entire state of North Carolina.  We are connected with reporting sites such as BSI Online, The Compliance Engine, and Vepo Cross Connex.

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