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Cross Flow Scrubber

Cross Flow

High velocity plant air odor abatement as well as ventilation. Up to three stages and 150,000 CFM in a single unit.

AC Corporation Cross Flow Systems are designed specifically for plants with large air quantities of relatively low concentrations of contaminants. They provide control of emissions of odors, fumes and particulate matter while supplying the ventilation necessary for adequate heat removal and in-plant comfort. As opposed to other plant ventilation and air pollution control systems, the necessary treatment is accomplished at high velocity with small apparatus, using an open design, which does not require pads or beds subject to restriction and frequent maintenance.

Cross Flow systems are of modular construction and may be arranged to meet a variety of plant requirements. Arrangements may be single stage of multi-stage for use with multiple chemical solutions. The ability to add additional stages, should regulations become more stringent, provides built-in flexibility for the owner facing unknown or uncertain compliance schedules.

In view of the importance of proper design and application, AC Corporation’s Cross Flow systems are normally sold only as components of custom-designed plant ventilation and exhaust systems. Our experience with successful installations throughout the country insures optimum economy and design. When integrated into a plant pollution control system, the AC Corporation Cross Flow Systems will meet complete plant ventilation requirements and control emissions from production processes.

Fluidized Bed

Plant air and concentrated odor scrubbers designed to operate at ultra-high efficiency without packing.

Packed Bed Scrubber

Medium and high efficiency plant air and concentrated odor abatement and/or VOC removal. Units from 1,000 CFM to 100,000CFM. All stainless steel construction with high temperature polypropylene ballast rings.

AC Corporation’s Packed Bed Systems are designed to accomplish a high degree of gaseous and aerosol emission control under limited plant ventilation requirements. They are best utilized in operations where the need of emission control outweighs ventilation requirements. Removal efficiencies of 95% or above can be expected where entering conditions coincide with general plant air temperatures and humidity’s. These systems can be adapted to small spaces, thus allowing inside installation.

Where small quantities of concentrated emissions require more extensive treatment to bring about the desired degree of emission control, the Packed Bed Scrubber can be used in conjunction with an AC Corporation Venturi system.

Venturi / Packed Bed Scrubber

Particulate removal and vapor cooling up to 30,000 CFM.

AC Corporation’s Venturi / Packed Bed Systems are designed for applications which call for small air capacity but demand a high degree of efficiency in the removal of corrosive or obnoxious gases, particulates, and aerosols from hot exhaust air streams. Typical removal efficiencies range up to 99% depending on entering conditions and gas concentrations. Construction materials are influenced by the specific application with various grades and types of materials available including HRS, stainless steel and specially coated steels where needed.

AC Corporation’s Venturi / Packed Bed Systems are often incorporated into a complete plant ventilation and air pollution control system which assures the utmost in-plant comfort and air pollution.

When control systems are required for less concentrated sources, where particulate loadings are low, and where temperatures are not excessive, the use of our Packed Beds or Crossflow units is recommended.