Virtual building design is not a new concept but only now with the advent of faster processors and better software can we actually truly start the implementation of this in the construction of buildings in the real world. AC Corporation believes in Virtual building and the costs savings associated with the implementation of the technology and methodology for both the owner and the contractor. We can provide a multitude of assist roles as well as full engineering services utilizing our 75 years of experience and knowledge bringing this to the virtual world.

Computer Automated Drafting

AC Corporation utilizes Autodesk software suites including AutoCAD, AutoCAD MEP, Revit MEP, Inventor, Autodesk Fabrication as well as Navisworks Manage.  It is AC Corporation’s policy to ensure all CAD software is current to the latest releases to ensure that we minimize possible conflicts with the software versions of clients.

Clash Detection

For Clash Detection to be successful, AC Corporation has ensured the software it utilizes provides parametric models in order for software such as Navisworks to run a complete clash detection with all trades involved with the clash detection part of a project. We run in house collision checks with Navisworks prior to delivering files for the overall project coordination. Working out issues prior to installation in the field by either adjusting systems or writing RFI's for direction during this phase and not during construction saves time and money for both the owner and contractor.

Building Information Modeling

BIM is the latest version of Virtual Building methodology. Utilizing the 3-D aspects of the software used for collision checking as well as the 4-D aspect of scheduling, 5-D aspect of estimating actual objects, 6-D green building / LEED confirmation and 7-D the final deliverable to the owner once construction is finished. AC Corporation understands the worth of this and has trained personnel from Project Managers to the field installer in order to get the most value out of BIM. From pre-spooling of plumbing and piping systems to the loading of our trucks for delivery to the site, BIM is entwined into the construction process at all levels. We can provide assistance from the beginning of the project in the design / estimating phase all the way through to turn over for the owner.