The process used to document the performance of your HVAC system, has been used by AC Corporation since the 1950's as a method to verify the proper performance and design of our "Design Build" jobs, as well as the "Plan Spec" jobs. The proper documentation and measurements of the system performance with actual air and water flows can then be used as a comparison to the original design to detect performance and sequence of operation problems that do not meet compliance with the contract documents. The problems are then corrected and the final tuning is performed to optimize the systems efficiency.


Our Service and Engineering Staff are also available to "retro-commission" your existing system to determine if years of operation, remodeling, adjustments and repairs, have created efficiency and operational problems resulting in poor comfort and higher energy bills. The HVAC system's performance should be measured and tested to assure the proper "auto-mode" operation between the mechanical equipment and the existing control system.

After the evaluation of the current system has been made, our Engineering staff will report all system deficiencies and propose solutions to correct all problems found.

LEED Commissioning

AC Corporation works with your third-party LEED Commissioning Agent following guidelines outlined in Division 1 of LEED Prerequisite EA1 to document all phases of construction and work closely with your commissioning agent to meet all LEED requirements.