Integrated Building Design

Integrated building design leverages the collective expertise of team members to explore interdependancies in pursuit of optimal solutions that support specific project goals. AC Corporation offers comprehensive design, analysis, manufacturing, fabrication, construction, and service knowledge that supports collaborative evaluation and development of holistic solutions. Our staff is dedicated to the principles of Integrated Building Design, providing professional development training and authorship of educational material for the built world.

We have the following accreditations in-house:

  • ASHRAE High-Performance Building Design Professional

Project Fundamental Definition

All built solutions have four basic fundamentals that must be addressed: Function, Form, Economy, and Time. Our staff is trained in assisting clients in defining functional needs, requirements, and relationships for a project. Based on functional criteria we help identify normative, risk, indoor environmental quality, environmental impact, and constructability form elements. Our focus on economy considers the full breadth of ownership costs from cradle-to cradle. We offer time solutions that include conventional, fast-track, phased, and integrated project delivery.

Owner Project Requirement (OPR) Development

For Integrated Building Design to be successful, project fundamentals must be translated into verifiable goals, or Owner Project Requirements. Our staff is prepared to develop specific, objective, and quantifiable goals that can be used as benchmarks to measure project success.

Strategy Development

AC Corporation has extensive systems expertise and a comprehensive understanding of building dynamics. This institutional knowledge affords us the ability to formulate unique strategies to explore in pursuit of optimal solutions. Integrated Building Design excels when building interdependancies are truly evaluated with a "tunnel through the cost barrier" mindset.

Multiple Criteria Evaluation

In order to determine what constitutes "best" for a specific project, importance and weighting criteria should be applied to all project fundamentals. Our staff is skilled at creating comparison scales and importance weighting systems to judge the outcome of strategy comparisons.