Environmental Stewardship

AC Corporation has always followed Environmentally sound and safe procedures within the offices and the field. From ensuring all old computer/electronic systems are properly recycled to ensuring all scrap metal, both in the manufacturing facility and on-site are properly recycled. These aspects are just two small parts of the overall reducing of waste that we have been doing for years. We provide all personnel the ability to be able to quickly sort any items to be disposed and anything that is to be recycled has its own containers both in the office and field.

Our design philosophy stresses responsible utilization of non-renewable resources and minimal impact to the environment. We advocate the implementation of renewable energy sources, water resource management, energy efficiency, reclaimed water systems, and waste energy recovery to improve operational costs and to reduce our environmental footprint.


At AC Corporation, we take LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) seriously. We have LEED accredited personnel on staff. Additionally, we offer 70+ years of experience in the field using good design and energy management practices. We feel that we provide a well-balanced approach to ensuring that your goal of achieving LEED certification on your project can be realized. Our professionals possess extensive knowledge in the LEED certification process we have been involved in multiple LEED projects from Design to installation nationwide.

Waste Management - During Construction

AC Corporation is serious about reducing waste and ensuring that recyclable materials are sent to the proper sources. We ensure that material separation on site is done and followed by all personal. It is our goal to divert at least 50% of materials away from disposal. We have a construction waste management plan that we use as our baseline effort that meets, or exceeds, MR Credit 2 (LEED2009 – New Construction and Major Renovations).

Indoor Air Quality Management - During Construction

AC Corporation has been practicing good IAQ installation standards for years prior to the on-set of LEED. It is our policy to ensure a clean system is installed in ALL types of facilities. It is our policy to typically exceed the requirement of both LEED and the specifications on a job, allowing us to provide a better end product for both the general contractor and the owner.