Electrical Control Systems

Power Distribution

AC Corporation works with architects, owners, developers and general contractors to meet both design/build and plan-specifications. Our focus is on high quality electrical installation, using the most effective and innovative methods and materials while controlling costs.

The Electrical Division offers design and installation of Electrical systems for industrial and commercial facilities. On-staff Professional Engineers will insure that all Designs will comply with all governing federal, state and local codes. Our field personnel, along with our project managers, insure that all installations comply with all applicable codes. The Electrical Division also provides our customers with electrical maintenance and service for all systems we install.

Our Electrical capabilities include:

Power Distribution: High voltage and medium voltage. From the incoming utility service to the receptacle outlets. Service entrance switchboards, motor control centers, power panelboards, transformers, & variable frequency drives. When performing design / build, coordination with the electric utility is provided. Our engineers will work with the client to insure that the distribution system is sized to sufficiently handle all initial loads (lighting, hvac, process, etc.) as well as any anticipated future growth.

Emergency Power & Life Safety Systems: Installation of diesel and natural gas generators up to 1500 kW, including automatic transfer switches and emergency panelboards. Total facility back-up (service-entrance) or load specific. We offer turn-key installations of new systems or replacement / upgrade of existing systems. Our engineers are experienced in determining the ratings of the system based on owners’ requirements.

Fire & Smoke Alarm Systems: We work with all system manufacturers to provide the customer the most cost-effective system. Whether the job is new construction, renovation, or new system install in an existing facility, our engineers will design a system that satisfies the owner’s demands and meets all applicable codes.

Lighting Systems: Our engineers are very experienced in designing lighting systems from high-end office environments to heavy industrial settings. Designs take into account all codes, including life safety as well as applicable energy codes. Control and / or dimming systems are incorporated where required by code or demanded by the customer. We stay up to date on the latest trends and new products, and make every attempt to make our customers aware of new products available that may work in their building. We also have the ability to take any specified package and provide value engineering, while maintaining the original intent of the design. We also design and install all types of exterior lighting, from roadway to parking lots to building-mounted utility and building-mounted decorative lighting. We also design and install the controls required for interior and exterior lighting.

UPS Systems: We also have experience installing UPS systems, from small single cabinet systems to multi-cabinet systems with separate battery compartments.