Headquarters - circa 1935

Headquarters - circa 1950

In 1935, Mr. Sturgis A. Sigler founded Air Conditioning Corporation to offer air conditioner contracting services.

In the 1930's, air conditioning was in its infancy, with limited installations in theaters, laboratories, department stores and some manufacturing facilities where processes required it. After World War II, industrial production was redirected to civilian needs and air conditioning gained in popularity. AC Corporation grew along with the increased demand for air conditioning.

AC Corporation, as a Carrier Air Conditioning Distributor, benefited from the close association to the engineering, design, and installation capabilities of the industry leader of the day.

As textile companies developed the need for both temperature and humidity control, AC Corporation developed the design, fabrication, installation, and service capabilities to meet the demands of this complex industry. In the mid-1950's, AC Corporation installed a production-size clean room, the first in the world. The installation procedure for this project was adopted for the entire Bell System and later became the basis for the first Federal Standards on clean rooms.

Perpetuating the company founder's strong commitment to employee ownership, AC Corporation extended ownership to all employees in 1976 through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP.) A Shareholder's Agreement permits only employees to own stock. This arrangement permits employee owners to reap the rewards of their hard work and the success of the company.
AC Corporation holds a number of patents on products and processes related to the Mechanical, Electrical and Controls fields.

Over time, the company has expanded its service offerings to our clients to include HVAC, Mechanical, Plumbing, Process Piping, Electrical, Computerized Controls, Manufacturing, Installation and Service.

The vast majority of our work is performed by personnel on our regular payroll, and we are able to concentrate large forces on projects requiring fast track scheduling. The flexibility of our open shop and the accessibility of our project managers allow us to meet the diverse and challenging needs of our customers. We are proud of our distinguished list of long-term customers, including leaders in the electronics, food processing, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, consumer products, textile, furniture, chemical and tobacco industries, as well as service to educational and financial institutions, shopping center complexes, hotels, theaters and exhibition facilities.