AC Corporation values its reputation for integrity. We believe that honesty is not subject to criticism anywhere. Accordingly, even though standards of ethics may vary in different business environments, honesty and integrity should characterize our business activity everywhere.

AC Corporation must compete vigorously in order to maximize profits, but must at the same time do so in strict compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to our activities. No employee should at any time take any action on behalf of the Company which he or she knows or reasonably should know, violates any applicable law or regulation. In some instances, laws and regulations may be ambiguous and difficult to interpret. Management should seek advice from the President’s Office when necessary in complying with this policy of observance of all laws and regulations.

Each employee shall endeavor to deal fairly and in good faith with the Company’s customers, employees, suppliers, regulators, business partners and competitors. No employee shall take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged or confidential information, misrepresentation, fraudulent behavior or any other unfair dealing practice.