AC Corporation can help new or existing Education Customers create High Performance Buildings. We understand that high-performing schools result in high-performing students.  Our goal is to assist you in creating a classroom environment that is healthy for students, comfortable for teachers, and cost effective. Our Specialized Resource Centers have the experience to help you create a comfortable learning environment from the k-12 classroom to a PHD candidate working in a lab.

Higher Education


Nanotechnology Building

Historically, institutions of higher education have built new facilities without budgeting for life cycle operational costs; built up a significant backlog and overlooked maintenance projects. During the past few years there is a growing awareness that this is not sustainable, and more institutions are looking for ways to take proactive, not just reactive, action on facilities' maintenance and renewal.

Whether you are building a new facility or renovating an existing building, AC Corporation has the extensive experience dating back to 1935.  We design/build and install cost effective, energy efficient solutions for higher education customers.

Our higher education solutions are specially designed to help universities eliminate wasteful energy and operating dollars.  Our solution enables institutions to redirect wasted energy and operational dollars to fund infrastructure improvements.

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