Quality performance has been at the root of AC Corporation’s culture since its inception. It has been, and remains, our goal to safely provide quality solutions to our clients’ needs and to exceed our customers’ expectations.

AC Corporation operates with a base single quality principle where performance standards and uniform quality levels are maintained for all contracts.

AC Corporation believes that quality is built in at the design stage. Regular inspections and testing identify defective materials and process and help in the on-going continuous improvement process.


  1. To provide exceptional quality products and services by striving to exceed our customer’s expectations.
  2. Maintain a formal quality system, which forms the basis for ISO 9000 standards.
  3. Foster an atmosphere of continuous improvements and problem prevention.
  4. Empower employees so they help improve the systems that affect their work.
  5. Provide education and training to employees to support health, welfare, safety and quality performance as top priority.
  6. Communicate our mission and quality objectives to all employees.
  7. Develop relationships with our suppliers and clients that emphasize continuous improvement in product quality service and support.
  8. Provide an environment that supports teamwork.


  1. The President has overall responsibility to ensure that authority is delegated to the appropriate groups for their quality responsibilities and to see that all groups work effectively to provide a cohesive quality program. The responsibilities of the quality groups will be documented, transmitted and employees will be trained to meet these responsibilities.
  2. Each employee is authorized to stop non-conforming product from further processing until the non-conformance has been corrected.
  3. Quality Teams are responsible for identifying and recording any product, process or system problem. Quality Teams will initiate, design, recommend or implement solutions to any such problems.
  4. Quality performance and status on quality problems will be reported to the executive group periodically to ensure the integrity of this program and effective problem resolution.
  5. Adequate resources will be provided and personnel will be trained in the quality procedures and responsibilities.


  1. The Company’s executive management reviews the quality system at least once a year. The purpose of the meeting is to assure the effectiveness and continuity suitability of the Quality System.